• Laundry Day [G-003] Silo Grinder
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  • [G-003] Silo Grinder - The Shop Melbourne

Laundry Day [G-003] Silo Grinder

The [G-003] Silo Grinder by Laundry Day, is a four-piece beauty that combines intuitive design with ideal functionality. 


  • 4 Compartments: It comes with four distinct aluminium chambers—two for grinding, a middle section for herb collection, and a bottom area for kief capture. This multi-layer design ensures a perfect grind every time, and lets you save that precious keif.

  • Spacious Chamber: Designed to fit comfortably in your hand while offering a spacious internal chamber, the [G-003] doesn't compromise on storage at the expense of aesthetics.

  • Magnetic Closure & Packing Scoop: A magnetic closure keeps the pieces in place, and makes grinding smooth and seamless. An added aluminium scoop simplifies the packing process for you.

  • Elevated Design: Its sleek, understated silhouette makes it a discreet but stylish addition to any tabletop or smokeware collection.

Dimensions: 155mm x 50mm

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