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Mushroom People Magazine

Captivate your curiosity with Mushroom People, a special edition, single-issue release by Broccoli that takes you on a trip into the world of fungi. Dive into 192 pages designed for both the budding mycologist and the long term enthusiast.


  • A Multifaceted Exploration: Encounter diverse perspectives through this magazine which brings together artists, writers, and mycology experts from across the globe to explore the fungi kingdom in all its complexities.

  • More Than Science: From magic mushroom folklore by Bethany van Rijswijk to Leslie Kirchhoff's and Yasmine Khatib’s take on mushrooms as the next floral muse, it delves into the poetic, aesthetic, and mystical dimensions of mushrooms.

  • Voices from the Underground: Dive into unique explorations like neuroscience of tripping by Shruti Ravindran, citizen mycology from William Padilla-Brown, and a search for counter-culture on the forest floor by Lio Min.

  • Bonus Features: Get lost in MycoAstrology, discover Mushroom Fashion Week, marvel at glowing mushroom lamps, and even explore transcendental gastronomy—this magazine is a treasure trove of all things fungi.

Printed Perfection: Three premium paper stocks give the magazine a luxurious, tactile feel.

Dimensions: Measures 8.25” x 11.25”.

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