• gold, tubular keyring which is designed to hold a joint. The lid has been unscrewed and a joint is coming out the other side of the keyring
  • Sackville & Co. Jo*nt Carry Case Keychain
  • man with long, brown hair and a blue jacket holds a joint in one hand, and a joint holder in another

Sackville & Co. Jo*nt Carry Case Keychain

Sackville & Co’s Carry Keychain is for those who want to stash and dash. 


  • Air-tight Screw Top: With an airtight and waterproof screw-top, your magic cigarettes or bud will stay fresh and protected. 

  • Smell-Proof: Keep your goods secured in a case that’s smell-proof, ensuring no unwanted sniffs when you're out and about.

  • Diverse Design: Available in soft brushed gold and silver, this carry case looks great and also helps you out.

  • Easy Attachment: Designed to attach to your keychain for easy and discreet access. 

The carry keychain is fun and functionality combined. Never leave home without it.

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