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The Mushroom Oracle

Step into the mystical realm of fungi with the Mushroom Oracle Deck, a curated collection of 44 cards designed to deepen your connection with the natural world and your inner self.


  • In-Depth Guidance: Navigate life's pivotal moments—new beginnings, crossroads, and seasonal shifts—with the wisdom of mushrooms and their intricate networks.

  • Rich Symbolism: Each card is a vivid collage made from vintage botanical illustrations, crafted by artist Bethany van Rijswijk, offering layers of meaning to explore.

  • Holistic Perspective: Beyond just divination, this deck encourages a sense of belonging—connecting you to your surroundings, your community, and yourself.

Embrace a life more aligned with nature and intuition. Let the Mushroom Oracle Deck guide you through your journey, one card at a time.

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