• tsubota pearl hard edge lighter in milky white
  • tsubota pearl designer luxury lighter with a milky opaque outer layer
  • Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Frosty White Lighter

Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Frosty White Lighter

The Hard Edge Lighter by Tsubota Pearl is the epitome of Tokyo craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation.


  • Japanese Craftsmanship: Established in 1952 and still working out of Tokyo's Asakusa district, Tsubota Pearl brings decades of expertise to this exceptional piece.

  • Distinctive Design: It blends classic shape and innovative texture as the lighter's ridged design is created through a diamond-cut method often reserved for jewelry.

  • Superior Materials: Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, steel, and cotton, ensuring durability and long-lasting elegance.

  • Refillable & Eco-Friendly: Designed for sustained use, this lighter is refillable with Zippo or Zippo-style lighter fluid. (Fluid not included)

  • Ideal Size: At 60 x 35 x 15 mm

Whether you're sparking conversation or your preferred vice, this iconic lighter is the one. 
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