• tsubota pearl luxury lighter in the hard edge shape, with a clear plastic outer
  • tsubota pearl designer lighter in clear plastic

Tsubota Pearl Hard Edge Transparent Lighter

The Hard Edge Lighter by Tsubota Pearl is the epitome of Tokyo craftsmanship, blending tradition with innovation.


  • Japanese Craftsmanship: Established in 1952 and still working out of Tokyo's Asakusa district, Tsubota Pearl brings decades of expertise to this exceptional piece.

  • Distinctive Design: It blends classic shape and innovative texture as the lighter's ridged design is created through a diamond-cut method often reserved for jewelry.

  • Superior Materials: Crafted from high-quality polycarbonate, steel, and cotton, ensuring durability and long-lasting elegance.

  • Refillable & Eco-Friendly: Designed for sustained use, this lighter is refillable with Zippo or Zippo-style lighter fluid. (Fluid not included)

  • Ideal Size: At 60 x 35 x 15 mm

Whether you're sparking conversation or your preferred vice, this iconic lighter is the one. 

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