• Yew Yew Cloud Grinder
  • Yew Yew Cloud Grinder
  • yew yew cloud grinder against a white backdrop in a blue purple colour
  • Yew Yew Cloud Grinder
  • Two hands, of a person sitting in a bubble bath, are holding a glass, amber pipe from Yew Yew. On a bath caddy is a lighter and an open, white grinder, with ground flower inside.

Yew Yew Cloud Grinder

Discover the Cloud Grinder by Yew Yew, a game-changing grinder that's as functional as it is fun. 


  • Versatile Compartments: Designed with three compartments to grind your herbs to the perfect fluffy consistency, and catch kief for those emergencies.

  • Premium Materials: Made with a soft silicone outer layer, they're not only nice to look at but also exceptionally durable, and smooth to both touch and grind.

  • Highly Efficient: If you grind regularly, this is a grinder that can keep up. Achieve the fluffiest results with just a few rotations, thanks to its design and sharp, diamond teeth.

  • User-Friendly: These little clouds are a dream to use, and even easier to clean

Whether you're a connoisseur or casual enthusiast, the Cloud Grinder adds joy to your ritual. 

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