what grinder are you?

Miss BuzzFeed quizzes? Having a hard time choosing a grinder?

Just like our personalities, grinders are all a bit different. Take this quiz to find out more about yourself, and also find which grinder is going to fit into your life. Who doesn't love a meaningless quiz to read into?!

Ready? Let's go.

1. How do you like to spend your weekends?

A. Finding new galleries.
B. Hosting a dinner party for friends.
C. A spontaneous road trip.

2. What's your drink of choice?

A. Ice cold martini, dry like my humour. 
B. Gin and tonic, old faithful and you can make them in bulk.
C. Anything in a shot glass. Time is wasted waiting at the bar.

3. Choose your dream home.

A. Rick Owens' Paris apartment
B. A cute town house that has space for all my things. 
C. I'd rather have less space, but be close to everything.

4. What type of book are you most likely to read?

A. I read non-fiction and collect coffee table books.
B. That bestselling novel everyone is talking about.
C. I don't read books, I listen to them.

5. What's your favourite type of music?

A. I only listen to bands no one has heard of. 
B. A bit of everything, from classics to super niche.
C. Anything I can dance to.

6. Pick a vehicle.

A. An electric car that's not been released yet.
B. Something reliable and can go off-road.
C. Something small and zippy for city parking.

7. Your go-to social media platform?

A. Pinterest 
B. Instagram
C. TikTok 

Time for the big reveal....

Mostly As: You’re the Silo Grinder from Laundry Day!

You have a taste for the finer things, subscribe to Monocle and never miss a beat when it comes to what's cool. The Silo Grinder fits right into your lifestyle and the envy of your friends intact. With its added features and visual appeal, it's more than just a tool—it's a statement, just like you.

Mostly Bs: You’re the Yew Yew Cloud Grinder!

You're a chameleon who likes to have options. The Yew Yew Cloud Grinder is your perfect match—it's sleek, smooth, and can handle the smaller and larger grinds. It's stylish but tough, making it ideal for your dinner parties or quiet evenings.

Mostly Cs: You're the Sackville & Co Signature Grinder!

You’re adventurous, down-to-earth, and love to explore, whether it's a new place or a new flavour profile. The Sackville & Co Signature Grinder is compact and efficient, making it perfect for your life on-the-go.